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F. J. Beerling Kids Books – Set of 4 – This 4 set of children’s books includes:

WWII Spitfire Pilot Book: In the Battle of Britain

Hitler was a naughty man; quite evil, mean and bad, he actually wanted to rule the world, and was ever so slightly mad! But when he picked on Britain, he was in for quite a shock, although he bombed our cities to bits, we were solid as a rock. All thanks to the the Royal Air force, and brave pilots willing to try, to win the Battle of Britain by shooting the baddies form the sky!
WWII Spitfire Pilot at the Battle of Britain chronicles the role of the Spitfire fighter pilot during the Battle of Britain at the start of WWII. This book is designed  to engage, entertain and educate the young reader through the use of rhyme and endearing characters.

Little Wings: The Story of Amy Johnson

Josie the Jet was scared of heights and wasn’t able to fly, so into the hangar she backed herself and then began to cry. But dear old Bob the bi-plane had a plan to coax here out, he shared the story of Amy Johnson and how she flew about. This made Josie very happy and determined to conquer her fears , but would she make it into the sky and wipe away those tears?!
This book chronicle’s this amazing aviatrix’s greatest achievement, flying solo from England to Darwin, Australia. This beautifully illustrated, engaging, entertaining and educating book is the perfect learning tool to introduce the young reader to history, through a fun and informative picture book.

Sally B & Me

They called it the ‘Flying Fortress’ – built for WWII: loaded it up with guns and bombs and into the air it flew. But Sally B was different: she was made at the end of the war and with new keeperes, Ted and Elly, she flew in adventures galore. Yet without official funding, Elly kept her up in the air. Along with her team and supportive members….they do it with loving care!
Sally B & Me!’ tells the history of this amazing aircraft, the Flying Fortress in Europe, and the story behind the remarkable lady who has kept her in the air for more than 40 years, Elly Sallingboe. Designed as a children’s book in order to keep the memory alive, to teach future generations the importance of the B-17’s role during WWII and to show how Sally B is a flying memorial to the American & Allied servicemen who lost their lives fighting to save Europe from enemy invasion.

Wellington Comes Home

Wellington had flown during the war and was loaded up with bombs galore. But during a test flight his engines stopped and into Loch Ness Wellington dropped. When searching for Nessie, Wellington was found and now back at Brooklands, he’s safe and sound. There he was made and there he will stay. inside the Bellman Hangar, proudly on display!
Wellington Comes Home brings the amazing rescue of one of our World War II Wellington Bombers known as ‘R’ for Robert to life. When ‘R’ for Robert went on a training flight during WWII it’s engines failed and into Loch Ness, it dropped. Scientists searching for the Loch Ness monster discovered this Wellington Bomber and its amazing rescue began. A beautifully written account with amazing illustrations makes this the perfect must-have read!


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